Miroki Tong

Miroki Tong is a multidisciplinary performer and creator with experience across Ontario, New York, Northern Ireland and Hong Kong. She has performed on Luminato mainstage, rocked a ninja for LUSH Cosmetics, made cute voices for a children’s video game and went Goldilocks blonde in a film to name a few credits spanning of her experience.  Honoured with several awards for her shenanigans (notably WR Arts Awards Leading Edge Artist, Itoen International Haiku Competition Judges Special Award [2011] and 2nd Place [2005]), she challenges herself constantly for personal and leadership growth. Miroki is also known for her work as the founder and artistic producer of the award-nominated festival “Altekrea”, designer jewelry and professional development/representation for artists. Currently, she is pursuing her MBA (Masters of Business Administration) with a focus on entrepreneurship, leadership and organizational dynamics, although she is not above crunching financial spreadsheets. On her off days, Miroki loves traveling, great wine and geeking over new Transformers comics and action figures.

You can check out her CV here.

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